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  • Cal Fire FOBS says:

    In my opinion, what you described is on the Training Bureau and participating company officers.
    If the stage isn't set during the classroom portion of the drill, and the desired outcome fully briefed, you get what you paid for.
    Somewhere in your department it became OK to take a less than serious view of multi-company drills and most likely first-in drills by individual engine or truck companies.
    I was fortunate in my career to have had a Training Bureau that demanded the best out of us at the drill tower so we were at our best on the fire ground; we trained the way we fought fire and handled every other type of incident  we responded to.
    Go back a reestablish your expectations of every company in your department and emphasize the absolute life and death need for the best possible attitude toward drills because someday, somebody's life may depend on what you did or did not do at the drill tower.

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