Top-Notch Training Opportunities

Good morning jakes! Got your mug full of regulah?

I promise that these two upcoming training events are ones you won't need to be all loaded up on the regulah for. I've mentioned the new Go>Forward Fire and Leadership Training venture before and I just wanted to remind you that there's still time to get registered for their innaugural event coming up in St. Charles, Missouri. For you Midwest-types that's a great opportunity for 'ya to get some great training from some of the industry's biggest names as well as some newcomers to the conference training scene. For those of us in our "Right"-coast minds, the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania event is coming up in November. Another awesome opportunity for training from the best in the biz.

Click on the banner or the link above and it'll take you right to the site and you can click on whichever venue will be closer to you. There you can view information on the venues, the conference schedule and class descriptions as well as instructor bios but most importantly you can get registered for either event. Don't be one of those slackers who doesn't go to training unless your department spoon-feeds it to you every day on shift. Invest in yourself and bring something back for the group.


Now getjerbutts of 'da tailboard and go get registered!


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