New Training Opportunities


Everybody got some regulah? Grab a seat.

Today I want to talk about some new training opportunities that will be coming our way. And by "our way" I mean close to home. There's a new fire and EMS training company in the market and they are looking to revolutionize the way training is given in a congerence setting. Go>Forward Fire and Leadership Training has announced two innagural training conferences, one in St. Charles, Missouri in October and the other in King of Prussia Pennsylvania in November. So in a roughly 5 hour drive from our area you can attend a three day, high quality training conference that will break the model for training conferences. More on that in a miunte.

Does Go>Forward look familiar to anybody? It should. Go>Forward Media owns which hosts this rag of a blog and many other of your favorite fire and EMS blog sites. Go>Forward Media also owns Fire-Rescue Magazine, JEMS Magazine and Law Officer magazine. The company saw an opportunity and a different direction to go with fire training in a conference setting. So the company branched out and created Go>Forward Fire and Leadership Training to try and bring a new educational experience to students. Now, for all you traditionalists, don't get your undies in a bunch. They ain't trying to butt in on FDIC or any of the other major conferences. What they are trying to do is bring more affordable, local and intimate (not that kind of intimate, chowderheads) training to us while focusing on student-instructor relationships. That means that not only will you be able to take a class from some of the finest instructors in the world like, Alan Brunacini, Tim Sendelbach, Dennis Rubin and Brotherhood Instructors, but you will also get to talk to and network with them as well. You see, not only has Go>Forward made the conferences local, more affordable and smaller but they have built-in time after lectures and hands-on classes to meet and talk to the instructors. Giving both students and instructors an opportunity to talk and learn from each other and to hopefully build a relationship that lasts past the conference. Check out Go>Forward's announcement page here to check out information on the conferences. 


I know it's a short post today but I'm tachnically on vacation, so get over it. But I did want to make you aware of these new opportunities so that you have some time to check them out and get registered. For those of us in the Atlantic states area check out the Liberty Regional Fire & Leadership Training Conference in KoP, PA. page and get registered. For you Midwesterners check out the Gateway Midwest Fire & Leadership Training Conference in St. Charles, MO. and get registered. Lets decrease those "You can teach a monkey…" moments, shall we?

Now getjerbutts of 'da tailboard and go train!


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