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Don’t Judge A Building By Its Curtains

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  Everyone got theyah cup of cahfee? Everyone comfortable? Good. Today we're going to talk a little building construction and tactics and strategy. This discussion is going to be based off a recent job we had in a Lace Curtain, or Triple-Decker. Due to departmental rules and regs and such I'm not able to show […]

Gettin’ Ready

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  Everyone got their cup? Everyone comfortable? Good. Sitting on the tailboard talking with my crew about the historical events of late Sunday and yesterday I was urging them to be ready. Our response area isn't New York, Chicago or L.A. but it is pretty much right next-door to a large metropolitan area of historical […]

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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The title is one of the many sayings that come from our Navy's SEAL teams. It should also remind us that just because we got the leader there are many followers who are ready and willing to fill the vacuum. We as a nation, as members of the military and members of the public safety […]